I'm Tatiana Santini,

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singer, composer, actress, creator, creative, personal coach and  international business owner. I love to talk about consciousness and how to create a life worth living! 

Not so long ago, I discovered the tools of Access Consciousness and my life started to change a lot.. change to something I’ve been asking for and dreaming about my entire life! I then became, and still am a translator for that company, and travel all around the world contributing to people, the planet and consciousness.

My reality is constantly changing and so are my choices. 

If you desire to make a change in your life and creating your reality, or add more to the one you currently have.  I would love to contribute to you with the tools of Access Consciousness.


What's your reality... the one worth living that’s only available to you? And where can you find it and create it?


You were a space of no judgement, Kindness and caring. There was oneness in our sessions. There were definitely some ground breaking moments.
The body and bars brought so many new awarenesses and about my body and life. It changed how I treat my body, now with more kindness and gratitude.
The  7 day bars also contributed this plus it was 7 days of lightness and pure joy

Stella Messina